Analytical Support (market-reports, feasibility-studies)
Carry out ad hoc market research to map specific sectors or segments in Greater China. Including, but not limited to, market size, trends, key players, Government policies and market drivers. We have exclusive relationships with the leading research outfits in China.

Business Development
SDS Ventures assists existing portfolio companies with business development by using our knowledge of the (sustainable) technology market, preferential industry policy and our privileged network of state owned enterprises (SOE’s), multinationals, SME’s and Government agencies.

Interim Management (including trouble shooting)
Integrated Legal & Operational support in order to effectively solve

Commercial disputes and regulatory compliance issues
for foreign medium-large companies currently operating in the China market (*in conjunction with local partner for legal services)

Due diligence 
SDS Ventures has in-house knowledge regarding financial and commercial due diligence in Greater China and has exclusive relationships with leading lawyers, accountants and technical experts for specific questions.

Production In/Outsourcing 
Setting up and Managing Local Manufacturing Facilities, Production Supervision of Industrial equipment from design to mass production, including quality inspection

Contract negotiations 
SDS Ventures can assist with or be mandated to execute negotiations in M&A processes with Chinese buyers or targets.

IP related
IP strategy, Know-how Black-box implementation, Trademarks and Patents.

Financial management/review
Tax, VAT, related issues

Choice of legal entity and entity management
wholly-owned foreign enterprises, JVs and other options