SDS Ventures
We thrive at the intersection of cross-border entrepreneurship and sustainable technology.

What we do

SDS Ventures provides China related on-the-ground investment management services, as well as strategic, advisory and execution services to cleantech and sustainability companies and their investors. Our core services are:

Market entry services

  • China Market Research
    Carry out ad hoc market research to map specific sectors or segments in Greater China. Including, but not limited to, market size, trends, key players, Government policies and market drivers. We have exclusive relationships with the leading research outfits in China.
  • Company foundation & business registration
    Advise on and establish legal entity/entities in China and/or Hong Kong to create flexibility, safeguard control and optimize taxation. We have an exclusive partnership with a leading legal and corporate service firm, located in Hong Kong and Shanghai.
  • Business development for portfolio companies
    SDS Ventures assists existing portfolio companies with business development by using our knowledge of the (sustainable) technology market, preferential industry policy and our privileged network of state owned enterprises (SOE’s), multinationals, SME’s and Government agencies.
  • Attracting local staff & management
    SDS Ventures can provide investors and their portfolio companies with high quality staff and management through our partnership with headhunters and through the alumni associations of world class universities and business schools.


  • Due diligence
    SDS Ventures has in-house knowledge regarding financial and commercial due diligence in Greater China and has exclusive relationships with leading lawyers, accountants and technical experts for specific questions.
  • Negotiation support
    SDS Ventures can assist with or be mandated to execute negotiations in M&A processes with Chinese buyers or targets.
  • Transaction structuring
    SDS Ventures can advise on how to structure an M&A transaction in the complex Chinese environment. We have experience in deal structuring in China and with the leading legal & financial firms in this field.


  • Local Investment / Fund Partner & Joint investment structures
    SDS Ventures can assist with process of (co-)investment partner selection, ranging from the development of selection criteria up to negotiations. We also help to structure dual currency vehicles enabling joint investment. SDS Ventures has working relationships with a wide range of China-based VC/PE funds, State-owned funds, DFI’s, private funds and strategic investors.
  • New investment targets
    SDS Ventures has on-going access to new deal flow as it interacts with local entrepreneurs, fundraisers and angel investors. In addition, we can assist existing portfolio companies with business development by using our knowledge of the (sustainable) technology market and our privileged network of state owned enterprises (SOE’s), multinationals, SME’s and Government.

Corporate Finance

  • Attract financing (debt / equity)
    SDS Ventures can assist sustainable technology companies in raising capital (debt & equity) to support their growth. We have privileged access to debt financing (the leading Chinese SME bank, DFI’s, private investors) and equity financing (first tier Chinese and International VC/PE funds and private investors)
  • Capital structure advisory
    SDS Ventures advises on the optimal capital structure to support their growth in greater China. We can link our thorough understanding of the Chinese environment with the growth opportunities of the technology company.
  • Financial modeling and valuation
    The valuation of projects in greater China is difficult. SDS Ventures can provide assistance in valuating and evaluating projects in China in (sustainable) technologies.